Mechanical, Structural and Hydraulic designs to fit client specific needs. Designs from scratch, or designs to improve existing equipment are offered.

Detailed evaluation of new and old equipment to determine whether it complies with relevant codes. Structural, mechanical and hydraulic audits provide a detailed summary of machine compliance or condition.

Using audit and design techniques, machine upgrades can be proposed to unlock the full potential of bulk material handling equipment. A holistic view of the machine is considered to safely introduce upgrades.

Finite Element Analysis techniques are used to analyse and design to specification requirements.

With the preeminent hydraulics expert in South Africa joining Nine Dot Solutions, we are uniquely positioned to provide complete hydraulic services and support.

Using advanced analysis techniques including FEA, Nine Dot Solutions can design modifications and intervention plans to safely extend the usable life of existing machinery.

Nine Dot Solutions is a proud engineering consulting firm in Pretoria, South Africa. Established in 2006, NineDot has a rich history of providing unique designs, audits and support to its long-standing and new clients. Our expertise includes wagon tipplers and positioners, stacker and reclaimer systems, ship loaders and ship unloaders, ship-to-shore cranes, mining/processing/support structures, and structural measurements.

NineDot is currently expanding its service offerings, and are excited to offer in-house hydraulic services by the preeminent hydraulics specialist in South Africa. NineDot will be better positioned to provide any support a client requires, including equipment, structural, material handling and hydraulics.

We want to be your engineering team!

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