Train wagon tipplers and side arm chargers (also known as wagon positioners or wagon indexers) are used to position and at tip train wagons, allowing for rapid discharge of material, typically on to a combination of hoppers, feeders and conveyors. Nine Dot Solutions has provided designs for new tippler, side arm charger and combination installations, successfully implemented.

Replacement Rotaside Tippler and SAC

Together with P-Pro Engineering, Nine Dot Solutions designed and installed 2 x upgraded wagon tipplers and side arm chargers for Transnet Port Terminals in Richards Bay. The tipplers have a upgraded capacity of 90 tonne wagon load, with the SAC being able to position up to 100 x 90 tonne wagons.

P-Pro and Nine Dot Solutions replacement tippler and side arm charger at Transnet Richards Bay

MMX Tippler at PPC Hercules

Together with now-defunct SH&E, Nine Dot Solutions designed a C-Frame tippler, installed in 2012. This tippler has been operating since without any major issues, and allows for reliable positioning and unloading of wagons. The novel C-Frame design allows for positioning and tipping of various wagon heights and widths, up to a working capacity of 100 tonne wagons.

Side Arm Charger for Sappi

Sappi had the requirement that one wagon positioner service two train lines, one on each side of the positioner. Nine Dot Solutions designed a side arm charger with an arm that articulates a full 180 degrees, and can service both lines as required. Nine Dot also designed wagon wheel clamps as well, which secures the line when being unloaded. Equipment was installed and commissioned by ELB.

Proprietary Nine Dot / P-Pro Tippler

Nine Dot Solutions has designed a proprietary unit-train tippler that can accommodate wagons of up to 120 tonnes. This tippler has been developed together with P-Pro engineering, who would facilitate construction and installation. The design is ready for implementation, and will be adjusted to client requirements. The design can also be employed in a tandem tipping arrangement.