Structural auditing

All structures audited are subjected to a detailed Finite Element Analysis, supported by engineering calculations and actual stress measurements (by means of wireless strain technology). All this information is then compiled to ensure that all results are accurate thereby illustrating whether or not the structure meets international design standards.

Mechanical and Structural Design

Nine Dot Solutions has undertaken many design projects of different sizes. These include mechanical and structural designs according to the client’s needs and specifications. The same expertise used in design audits and upgrades produces efficient designs.

Finite Element Analysis

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a tool for determining structural stresses, strains and deformations based on applied loading, structure geometry and material. Nine Dot Solutions has vast experience in finite element analysis techniques and has produced and verified many finite element models, ranging from small single components to large heavy structures and machinery.

Lifetime Extension

Nine Dot Solutions can assist our clients with extending the life of existing machinery and structures. Although machinery and structures are designed to a specific usable life, careful management of structures, operating procedures and maintenance plans can extend this life.

Stress Measurements

Nine Dot Solutions makes use of Strain Gauges to measure stresses on operational structures. Wireless strain guages allow us to apply the strain gauges on areas deemed critical. Structural members, shafts, ties, bogies and other static and moving components can be strain gauged. Strain gauge results are often used for Finite Element Analysis Verification. Together, these two make for a powerful analysis tool, rendering accurate analysis results.

Failure Investigations

Nine Dot Solutions has experience in failure investigations, where the root cause of failure is identified. Nine Dot Solutions has previously also assisted customers with rebuilding and reinstating of failed machines.

Upgrades & refurbishments

A typical upgrade project would include:

  • A complete structural analysis to determine whether the structure is upgradable
  • Re-design of required structural components
  • A full set of manufacturing drawings

An example of a structural upgrade is of a collapsed reclaimer structure which has successfully been upgraded from 750 ton/hour to 1250 ton/hour and has been fully commissioned.

Bulk Material Flow Analysis

Nine Dot Solutions can inspect current bulk material components by means of Discreet Element Model Analysis (DEM). DEM software provides a visual representation of the flow through a component. This can be used to optimise a component and identify potential problems.

Strain Gauges

Nine Dot Solutions is a distributor of Micro-Flexitronics Ltd Strain Gauges. Information and quotations are available upon request.