Through advanced simulation techniques, Nine Dot Solutions can conduct an in-depth slew bearing analysis. This type of analysis accurately simulates slew bearing loading, and the results are used to calculate expected slew bearing life.

Slew bearings for heavy machinery are expensive, critical components. Failure of these bearings normally results in large amounts of down time, coupled with the bearing replacement costs.

During machine audits and analyses, Nine Dot Solutions can conduct a slew bearing analysis. This simulation includes machine structural elements which affects the way in which the bearing is loaded.

The design of the supporting structure influences how operational forces are transmitted through a slew bearing. Changes in stiffness of the structure can create hot-spots in the bearing, which results in inconsistent wear. By conducting advances simulations which include these structural elements hot-spots and other loading anomalies are identified.

Nine Dot Solutions can, when bearing life is insufficient, propose design changes when requested by the client. The proposed changes and design method is based on the same slew bearing analysis process.

Stacker Reclaimer - Slew Bearing Life Analysis

Slew Bearing Analysis – Load Distribution