Nine Dot Solutions makes use of Wireless Strain Gauges to measure stresses on operational structures. Wireless strain gauges allow us to apply the strain gauges on areas deemed critical, and not restricted to stationary components. Structural members, shafts, ties, bogies and other static and moving components can be strain gauged.

Strain gauge results are often used for Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Verification. Together, these two make for a powerful analysis tool, rendering accurate analysis results.

Condition Monitoring using Stress Analysis provides continuous stress monitoring on certain locations. This technique provides valuable information regarding the condition of the structure and structure deterioration. It can also be used to shut down machines should certain operational thresholds be exceeded. This protects machines from operational damage.

Strain gauges provide live feedback, and can be monitored by our personnel. This property has been successfully used to balance a Stacker-Reclaimer, where retrofitting resulted in an unbalanced system. By using the strain gauges, the stacker-reclaimer could be rebalanced on site.

Nine Dot Solutions also has the ability to measure accelerations. A range of accelerometers is used, which provides accurate readings at both low and high accelerations. Suitable accelerometers will be chosen based on the specific project.