Nine Dot Solutions consists of mechanical engineers from various backgrounds, making use of world-class software packages to obtain fast, efficient, trustworthy designs. Nine Dot Solutions can contribute to a wide range of projects, including design, audits, upgrades, machine life extention, etc.


Nine Dot Solutions offers the following services to its customers:


Nine Dot Solutions primarily makes use of the following engineering packages:

Siemens NX

Siemens NX is an all-in-one Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software package. This includes parametric modelling, assembly creation, and full drafting capabilities. The Advanced Simulations package also includes Finite Element Analysis capabilities, using the NX Nastran solver. Siemens NX provides an environment where all models can serve multiple purposes, and the same 3D model can be used in simulations and in normal modelling.

Siemens NX is the main software package used by Nine Dot Solutions. It is used for designs, machine upgrades, audits and drafting. All engineers are fluent in its use, providing customers with world-class solutions.


Prokon is a Finite Element Analysis and general calculations software package, focused on structural designs. Nine Dot Solutions employs Prokon as a Beam Element Analysis tool. Prokon aides in comparing designs to applicable codes, e.g. SANS 10162. Prokon is employed as both a design, upgrade and auditing tool.

Bulk Flow Analyst

Bulk Flow Analyst is a Discrete Element Method (DEM) software package. Discrete element method is the numerical modelling and calculation of a large number of particles, and their interaction with each other and boundary walls. Nine Dot Solutions uses Bulk Flow Analyst to determine approximate flow of bulk material through bulk material handling machines and their critical flow components. This aides in identifying potential blockages and optimizing flow.