Structural and Mechanical Upgrades

Nine Dot Solutions has the capability to upgrade existing designs, in order to extend life and/or increase output. This is advantageous to the client, as upgrading existing assets prolong the assets’ life, extending replacement time frames and reducing capital expenditure. Maintaining or increasing output without massive expense is especially advantageous when commodity prices are low.

The Structural Evaluation process allows Nine Dot Solutions to determine whether a structure can be enhanced for capacity increases. This would include visual inspections and strain gauging to determine baseline forces and asset condition. By replacing various old parts, based on the structural evaluation process, throughput capacity can be increased. High stressed areas can also be identified, which in turn can be strengthened in order to increase the lifespan of the machine. Other options include weight saving, which results in decreased loading on the structure. The upgraded designs would be based on the applicable design codes and client specification. The process is similar to the one followed for design projects.

Nine Dot Solutions can propose the changes, and provide a full manufacturing data pack and 3D CAD Model if necessary.

An example of a structural upgrade is of a collapsed reclaimer structure which has successfully been upgraded from 750 ton/hour to 1250 ton/hour and has been fully commissioned.

Upgraded Reclaimer Structure
Upgraded Reclaimer