Bulk material in containers can be unloaded rapidly using our patented automated Container Unloader. The Container Unloader / Tippler allows for rapid unloading of containers with bulk material. Nine Dot Solutions has full ownership of the intellectual property, and has patents for the unloader in South Africa, ARIPA and Australia.

The process of tipping a container is:

  • Rake is positioned by the locomotive
  • The Container Unloader travels to align with the container
  • Arm is lowered onto the container, and the twist-locks are engaged automatically.
  • The container is tipped into a bin, onto a conveyor (See video for tipping method)
  • Container is returned onto the wagon, and the twist-locks are disengaged automatically.
  • Container unloader travels the align with the following container.

Contact Nine Dot Solutions for more information on the Container Unloader. It can be adjusted to comply with your specific needs.

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